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Opportunity for Danish design companies - Danish flat

20.05.2020  15:23
Participate in the first official design event hosted by the Embassy of Denmark in Czechia

  • Boost your sales and export in an expanding market!
  • Use the Danish Embassy as your own showroom!
  • Gain access to the right clients!
  • Create efficient sales channels!
  • Your own ideas!

    Content of the event
    ''The Danish Flat''
    The Danish flat will be opened officially by a reception hosted by the ambassador. After the grand opening the flat will be open for events and exhibitions for a week. The flat is not just a regular showroom, but it will actually present how Danes live. Therefore, the 1st floor of the embassy will be converted into a genuine Danish flat, styled by the famous stylist Birgitta Nellemann behind ''Binoculars and Chair'', where you get the full impression of Danish lifestyle and hygge

  • October 1st   

    Grand opening of the flat by the Danish Ambassador in the Czech Republic

  • October 2nd - 8th

    The flat will be open to events, exhibitions, pre- sentation of products etc.

  • October 7 - 11th


    Stand at Designblok
    Designblok is the largest selection of design in Central Europe.
    At Designblok, designers and manufactures from all over Europe present their designs and products. The event annually attracts more than 50.000 visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad.

    Upgrades and add-ons
    This is a chance to treat your brand additionally The embassy suggests things such as:

  • A VIP seminar with designers and architects.
  • Press conference for relevant journalists, bloggers etc.
  • Exclusive events of your own in the flat with your clients during the two weeks opening period
  • Contact us with your own ideas

NB! In case of any event cancellation due to COVID-19,
all payments related to Designblok will be refunded.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please sign up by July 3rd 2020 at the latest

Jens Thomsen
Minister Counsellor
+420 257 111 917

Event and sign-up
Lasse Kristensen
Commercial Trainee
+45 23 72 32 73

Lenka Andrýsová
Senior Commercial Advisor
+420 257 111 916