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Danish and Czech experts discussed the digitization of Czech public administration

28.11.2019  10:55

The Danish experts’ agenda included meetings with the Governmental Council for Information Society, bank representatives and a seminar in the Chamber of Deputies on how to cooperate with the banking sector on the digitalization of public administration. Jens Krieger Røyen has also a speech at a conference called Easy Navigation through the World of Offices organized by NAKIT and Ministry of Interior.

Tine Havkrog Brandenborg from e-Boks company introduced Danish Digital Post and mentioned how difficult it proved to make the Digital Post user-friendly. On the contrary, Danish citizens do not have to worry about the fact that their messages in Digital Post would be deleted. Moreover, the Danish system allows direct digital payments.

Martin Holmgaard from Nets introduced how the banking identity, or NemID works in Denmark. The login process stays the same for all levels, whether used to access internet banking or public administration portal. The another advantage of the Danish system is its simplicity.


Danish Agency for Digitalization

The Agency for Digitisation is an agency within the Ministry of Finance and was established in 2011 to be in charge of the government’s digitisation policies. With the aim of renewing the Danish welfare, the agency is responsible for the implementation of the government's digital ambitions and the use of digital welfare technology in the public sector.


e-Boks is an independent limited company founded in 2001 and jointly owned by Nets and PostNord. The idea behind e-Boks is to increase the efficiency of mail distribution between companies and private mail recipients. This means lower postage costs, better service and less strain on the environment.


As a leading provider of digital payment services and related technology solutions across Europe Nets operates a deeply entrenched network, which connects merchants, financial institutions, corporate customers and consumers, enabling them to make and receive digital payments as well as, increasingly, utilise value-added services to help them improve their respective activities.

Video from the seminar in Chamber of Deputies is available here.

Speakers’ presentations:

Ondřej Profant, Member of Parliament, Director of Sub-Commitee for e-Government

Petr Kuchař, Director of The Office of the Chief eGovernment Architect, Ministry of Interior

Pavel Štěpánek, Executive Director of the Czech Banking Association

e-Boks (Tine Havkrog Brandenborg, Senior Business Development Manager)

Nets (Martin Holmgaard, Senior Vice President for Corporate Services and e-Security)

Jens Krieger Røyen, Director of the Division for International Cooperation in Danish Agency for Digitalization:

eID and the partnership with the financial sector - The history and development of the Danish eID infrastructure

Digitisation of the Public Sector in Denmark