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Czech-Danish Water Days 2019 Supported Mutual Cooperation in Water Management

22.03.2019  14:38

Czech-Danish Water Days 2019 contributed to the further cooperation between Czech and Danish institutions and companies. They were attended by representatives of nine Danish companies together with a representative of the Danish Water Technology Group. This group brings together more than 60 Danish companies that offer water management solutions.
A delegation of Danish business leaders headed by Danish Ambassador Ole Frijs-Madsen met with representatives of Czech public institutions and companies to present their products and services at conferences in Mladá Boleslav and Pilsen.

Danes and Czechs have jointly opened up issues of sustainable development, drought impacts and the introduction of new practices that reduce water and energy consumption and are more environmentally friendly. The demand for lower water consumption in the industry is increasing, especially in firms facing drought and stricter regulation on river water usage. The Czech side presented the biggest challenges in water management. These include drought, water quality and the presence of micropolutants, sludge management, reuse of water, but also water prices, to which Czech society responds very sensitively.

Danish delegation presented a solution in the form of water treatment plants with minimal water loss and chemical consumption, energy and cost-effective frequency converters, water cover to prevent unwanted evaporation or spread of odors and algae, insulated water meter boxes and intelligent water meters to optimize consumption of energy and water, heat exchangers, pumps and information technology which helps minimalize water loss. Among the nine Danish companies were four companies that have branches in the Czech Republic. Detailed company profiles and short presentations are available below.









Westcome Heat Exchangers

We also attach presentations of Czech speakers.

Lukáš Záruba, Director of Water Protection Department, Ministry of Environment

Pavel Punčochář, Ministry of Agriculture, Section on Water Management

Jaroslav Beneš, General Director of Vltava River Authority

Martin Srb, Czech Water Association, Manager of Water Technology Department at Prague Water Supply Company

Přemysl Šašek, ČEZ, Manager of Legislation and Market Department, Member of Expert Team for Environmental Politics, Protection of Water in Confederation of Industry and Transport

Jan Pavlík, ENVIROS, Commercial Director and Director of Environmental department

Jiří Mach, Director of Infrastructure and Other Energies Department, ŠKO-ENERGO, ŠKODA AUTO

Jaroslav Suchý, Secretary of Legislation Committee, Association of Chemical Industry

Marcela Burešová, Director of Water Management Department, Central Bohemian Region

Vladimír Stehlík, Board Member, VAK Mladá Boleslav, a.s.

Tomáš Žitný, Technical Director, VAK Mladá Boleslav, a.s.

Filip Wanner, SOVAK Association (i.e. Water Supply and Sewerage Association of the Czech Republic)

Vladimír Šťovíček, Head of Energy Department, Pilsner Urquell Asahi Breweries

Václav Šimánek, Director, University Hospital Plzeň

Miloslav Vostrý, Chairman of SOVAK Association (i.e. Water Supply and Sewerage Association of the Czech Republic), Board Member of Vodárna Plzeň (i.e. Water House Plzeň)


Find out more about Danish companies that offer water management solutions.


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