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Tremendous Gap between Czech and Western-European Wages

23.08.2016  14:20

PM Bohuslav Sobotka said that there is a huge difference between the wages in Germany and those in the CR and that quicker economic convergence will be one of the two Czech priorities at the EU summit in Bratislava next month. After years of EU membership, he said, the huge wage dif¬ference still exists, but the difference in liv¬ing costs is not as great. Separately, Trexima consultancy said that the average nominal wage in the CR rose in 2007-2015 by 26.3% and that the average real wage (after inflation) rose by 7.7%. It was reacting to a figure for the CR from the Trades Union Congress of the U.K., which had said that real wages in the CR rose over the period by only 1.1%.

Source: CTK, Fleet Sheet